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3 relevant and amazing WhatsApp features you didn’t know.

Be a WhatsApp Guru Knowing all its features.

Social Media in our ages have serve both good and bad to Us but WhatsApp is exceptional.

WhatsApp has features which is of great help to Us but most people don’t know.!

Here’re 3 whatsApp features that you might not know.

•Broadcast list

You can send message to more than 20 contacts with just a click and here’s how.

  1. Click on “Broadcast list” when you open WhatsApp.
  2. Select the contacts you want to receive the messages.
  3. Click done, type your message and send

You’re done Broadcasting some messages to your contacts.

•Location sharing

You can share your location with your contacts and they’ll know wherever you are and moving to. Follow the steps to learn how.

  1. Click on the contact your want to share your location with.
  2. Click on the addition or plus symbol ( ➕ )
  3. Select Location and share.

You can disable location sharing whenever you wish to.

•TAG 🏷 someone in your WhatsApp Group.

You can use this feature to know the number of members in the group too. But it’s main function is to tag 🏷 someone in your group.

  1. Click on the group.
  2. Type ( @) and the click or continue with the name of the member you want to tag 🏷.

After knowing all this functions, I believe you’re a guru now.!

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